Friday, 8 December 2017

How to Earn $500 Per Month Through Blog or Website in 2018?

How to Earn $500 Per Month Through Blog or Website in 2018?:

Many changes are coming in this modern society and way of living. Not only this, even people are opting for online methods of generating full time income and one of them is blog writing. Without any doubt, a lot of aspiring writers are coming in this line because it is much better and one can start working without making any type of investment. If you are also getting into this work then you must learn some tips that will help in writing better blogs. A blog should be informative and must highlight some benefits of product or services for which you are writing. Along with being informative, it should be presentable, attractive and have some catchy title that will help in grabbing attention of customers and visitors.

Different ways of making money through blog:

There are many top ways of earning $500 per month through blog in 2017. These ways are easy to follow and moreover you need not have to make any investment. Following are some of the ways which you can consider:

Include affiliate links in blog:

Affiliate marketing is an vital way through which you can monetize your blogs. This can be done by including affiliate links of the advertiser or seller in your content. On one side, it will help in promotion of product while on other side you will get an excellent chance of making money.

Sell Memberships:

This is another effective way of making money by writing blogs. You can offer memberships for your blogs at affordable price that will help in grabbing lot of attention and potential visitors. While on other hand, you can also sell membership to advertisers as well which can save your valuable time.

Join blogging network:

Many blogging network is available online which is open for bloggers and new comers. In fact, most of the blogging network pay fixed price to bloggers for their blogs and even some pay incentives as well depending on the number of guests who have visited blogs.


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